I believe in resolutions. Not the superficial ones where I complain about my weight or how much I’m drinking but the things I need to work on to be in a better place and a better human. At this time of year I check on my progress and update the list. Oddly and probably tellingly I did not make resolutions last year… Previous lists have included; stop wasting my time on people I can’t stand, make something that ISN’T a costume and wear it somewhere, no more fuckwit men, what is it with the swearing?

Well. The wonderful Dave entered into my life and fixed one of those. The rest… This last year, while many have found it to be the worst year ever, have a great shock in store for themselves. 2017 is going to be BAD. Trump, Russia, Brexit leaving European Human Rights, the global shift in attitudes towards minorities (gender, race, sexual preference, religion).

Now is NOT the time to go on a diet or join a gym.

Yoga will not fix the shit storm ahead of us. For you Christians out there: Remove the mote from your own eye before you remove the mote from your brother’s. In other words, it is time to wake up and empower and educate ourselves for the battles ahead. It is time to live the change you want to be in the world.

My resolutions:

  1. READ MORE and then talk about it. Don’t just share that article on social media – discuss it first. Say why I read the article and what I found good and bad about it. Use those comment boxes on other people’s posts! Be a part of the discussion.
  2. No more fake news. If it ain’t the NYT, Washington Post or the BBC, check the facts! Trust no one! Claim back my scepticism!
  3. Don’t cast my pearls before swine. I will no longer participate in actions or organisations that are merely profit based or self serving. The NYT, in it’s article offers the advice to take the money that you would have spent on that useless diet book and instead give it to Planned Parenthood.
  4. Concentrate more on paying it forward. Even if I only ever donate the ONE hour of my time to Time Bank or Lets – it is ONE MORE hour WELL SPENT to help change the world.
  5. Focus on refining my Voice. What is it that I have to say? How do I want to be heard? I have found that working with people who are closed minded and generally unhelpful bastards, one has to smile, be polite, never swear and be so DAMNED CHEERFUL AND HELPFUL in their faces everyday until they give you what you want to shut you up and make you go away. But is that who I am? And how do I resolve who I am and the method of being heard work?

How am I going to do these? Where do I start?

  • Start posting Book of the Month and encourage discussion (possibly through rewards.)
  • Swear a whole fucking lot less. (I don’t have high hopes for this one.)
  • Less money spent on marketing and more on community projects that support my ideals.
  • Write more. A monthly think piece on the politics of the business I am in.
  • Think about how I can involve the others around me to get to a common goal (We are starting a food collective in our house. Each of us makes a “pot” enough for 5 and then we all trade – no more ready made supermarket food).
  • Don’t buy the diary – create the diary I need. Organise my a*se.

But most of all – Not achieving a goal is NOT failure. Working towards and being mindful of the work I do will bring change.

See you in 2018 to see how it went. xxx

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