Plus Size Lingerie Patterns!

the plain jane

When I started this mission it was to make a choice where there was none. I created RavenDreams Plus Size Lingerie in 2012 with the support of my kids, my friends, my partner and most especially from some very amazing women who agreed to be my models. And let’s not forget the host of LSIs (Long Suffering Interns) who stood for hours while I perfected my craft by sticking them with pins.

Now it’s time to take Plus Size Lingerie to the next level. Patterns. I have taken everything I have learned, am learning, and will be releasing my designs as patterns. 

Each pattern will be released as a Basic Block with a video with sewing instructions.  This will be followed by an extended pattern with all the variations of styles I have created from my blocks. I will also be creating vlogs of all the tips, tricks and shortcuts for creating your own lingerie masterpiece.  But, for now… and FREE for the next two weeks

Welcome to The Jane in sizes UK18-32. A basic block from which all panties flow.

Please use the Size Chart here as your guide to pattern size.

 TheJane_18-20.pdf TheJane_22-24.pdf TheJane_26-28.pdf TheJane_30-32.pdf

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