Less than 48 hours!!!

Soon oh so soon our fate!

Everything here at RavenDreams is made by hand. A variety of sewing machines are employed but every piece is individually cut. No processes are done in piles of bits that put through an assembly line. Every garment hand finished.black satin ready to be laid out and cut

One of the great joys in creating each piece in its entirety is watching it being born. Going from the bolt, flat glossy fabric to a three dimensional sculpture. with regular art you don’t have to worry about it falling apart to much. But with these beauties every seam must be perfect and strong, reinforced to take the wear and NOT tear of use and well, living.

bra-let part of a black satin baby-doll nightie This afternoon, this was a part of the bolt. This evening it is half the work required to complete a sexy little black satin number.

It will be worn, held, stroked, caress the wearer in sleep and taken off. This is the best part!

And in less than 48 hours photographed on the lovely Abbie Parker. Watch this space!


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